IP Search Services

Patent Search

The search for patents provided by IP Services involves an equivalent and/or subject-matter search of patent literature (also referred to as Patent Clearance) for issued or pending patents of interest.

The results obtained from this search are first compiled in a preliminary report with data obtained from available online databases and additionally in a complete and expanded report with official data provided by the Patent Office of each Latin American country of interest. Upon request, we will consolidate the report with a technical-legal opinion provided by professionals with technical background as well as lawyers. These reports include an analysis of each of the discovered relevant patent documents in order to determine if there are any possible infringements and/or the validity of the patent rights (FTO Analysis).

Trademark Search

Our options for trademark search include identical (restricted, regarding only identical trademarks) or similarity both, with or without legal opinion. Different combinations can be chosen.

If you are searching in international class 5, we suggest adding our Pharma-in-use-quick-check service. In this search we will determine whether or not a brand name is in use in the pharmaceutical market.

Either search (identical or similar) may be ordered without a legal opinion if you determine that one is not necessary. However, you should be aware that Latin America has its own particular legal framework and that the information obtained from local databases is not always as accurate. Therefore, the legal opinion of a local professional who can advise on regional restraints, as well as how to overcome them, can be of great help.

Design TM Search

These searches, which center on the graphic part of the TM, must be conducted manually in most countries and their reliability and turnaround varies depending on the specific country.

Company Name Search

Our options for a company name search are: identical, with or without legal opinion.

While you may not consider that an identical company name search requires a legal opinion, you should be aware that Latin America can be regarded as a complicated region. Therefore, we always recommend obtaining a legal opinion issued by local professionals who will be able to include information that may be off the record and pertain to specific local proceedings; this will guide you as you establish your new business and/or change its name.

TM Ownership Search

This type of search identifies all trademarks applied for/registered in each country by one single owner. We need only the name of the owner (company or individual) to perform the search.

Our options for a TM ownership search are with or without legal opinion.

We strongly recommend obtaining a legal opinion with your search in order to be assured that name changes and/or assignments are included from all countries. The legal opinion represents our added value because it is formulated by a team of highly qualified professionals in each country.

Pharma-In-Use Search

This type of search represents an extra option highly recommended for similarity TM searches in international class 5 (pharmaceutical products).

We will verify whether or not all relevant TMs cited are in use in the local pharmaceutical market. This information will determine what possible legal action may be taken.

Data verification

IP Services provides data verification in order to determine the status and discrepancies in your trademark portfolio.

What makes us different?

All of our search reports are:

  • Analyzed by specialists in each country: your search results will be filtered and reviewed, containing only the relevant background.
  • Verified by regional experts who analyze the results from each country and develop a regional overview.
  • Consolidated: you will receive only one report containing the results for all requested countries.

What do we mean by consolidation?

Our definition of consolidation is one regional overview, prepared in one single report, in the chosen language, containing all the necessary information, so that you can make your own decisions regarding the region concerned.

What does a report with a legal opinion involve?

This involves that the search report on the specific subject matter will be completed with a legal opinion from specialized professionals in each country and verified by regional legal specialists.

What kind of searches do we offer?

We offer availability searches for trademarks, patents, domain names and company names, among others.
Other types of searches include industrial designs, copyright, etc. These do not appear online but can be performed on request.

What is our main goal?

Our main goal is to provide a useful and helpful tool for companies, IP professionals and individuals who may have interests in the Latin American region.

What makes us stand out?

  • "quick response" because we offer 2 delivery options: URGENT: 7 working days or NORMAL: 14 working days.
  • "professionally backed" because we work in cooperation with a carefully selected group of highly qualified, reliable colleagues in each country.
  • "real time" because IPS is physically located in Europe, you can contact us immediately and solve all your queries by phone.
  • "one-stop-service" because you need only one contact for all of Latin America.

Why work with us?

We provide an efficient service with an excellent value for your money, which enables you to outsource your IP searches – through IPS – in a region not always easily accessible.
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